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Privacy policies

According to the CNIL deliberation n° 2006-138 (J.O n° 128 dated June 3, 2006), the declaration of the processing of the data collected through the Site benefits from the 7th exemption.

The data controller is Me Yves Pollak.

The data that can be collected are the followings (the “Personal Data”):
- identity of the individuals: last name, first name, address, telephone, fax, email;
- business details: business address, mandate or job position, titles and honors;
- Interests, except those implying, directly or indirectly, racial or ethnic origins, political, philosophical or religious opinions, trade union membership, or relating to health or sexuality;
- data connection for audience estimation: date, time, computer’s IP, pages visited.

All data other than User’s last name, first name and email are optional and communicated under the User’s sole will in the contact form or in his comments about the articles published.

The Personal Data are collected for information or external communication purposes, and in particular, to answer to the contact request sent to the firm or to identify the authors of the comments.

A User can receive the firm’s newsletters by email, should he validates this option in the contact form.

The Personal Data shall not be the object of further processing, interconnections with other data or software, transfers to thirds (except the Site host and the firm’s members for the performance of their duties) or political, electoral or business canvassing.
The Personal Data are kept for the duration with respect to the purpose of their collection and processing. Such duration shall not exceed one year starting from the last contact of the User with the firm through the Site.

In compliance with the Law n° 78-17 dated January 6, 1978 modified, any User has the right to request, as appropriate, the rectification, completion, updating, erasing of Personal Data which are incomplete, inaccurate, expired, or of data the processing or the recording of which would be forbidden, by sending an email to the person in charge of the data processing which details are set out above; a User has also the right to obtain the suppression of any of his contribution namely released in the comment fields, subject to their conservation with their related Personal Data, during one (1) year to exclusively comply with the provisions of the Decree n° 2011-219 dated February 25, 2011, regarding the conservation and communication of the data enabling the identification of persons who took part to the creation of an online content, or within the scope of judicial proceedings with the User.